New Book Release: Love Me, Leave Me

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Book Releases


A dead friend. A mission for justice.

Isaac can compel anyone to do what he tells them to, but he can’t bring his best friend back from the dead. So he’s determined to do the next best thing: find out who killed her.

Love Me, Leave Me is a short mystery/fantasy story of around 9000 words.

Another short story. This one set in Isaac’s world. Isaac was first introduced in Listen To Me. There he used his power to control people with a few words, taking what he needed to live off people.

In Love Me, Leave Me, he’s still doing that, but he’s also helping people. Baby steps. Isaac isn’t morally pure by any stretch, but he tries.

Things get personal when someone murders his best friend. Follow his adventures here as he uses his powers to find the murderer, and uncover a few things he doesn’t expect.


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