Book Review Wednesday: A Murder is Announced – Agatha Christie (5 stars)

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m making my way through Agatha Christie, and this is one of my favs so far. Not quite up there with ‘And Then There Were None’ but close.


Villagers expect a fun game after a Gazette announcement of murder, but when lights flash off, shots ring out, and a masked burglar falls dead, the Inspector and vicar’s wife Bunch call in expert Miss Jane Marple. Was Swiss hotel clerk Rudi framed? Miss Letitia Blackstone houses scatty Dora, cousins Julia and Patrick, gardener widow Phillipa, and paranoid cook Mitzi.

This one has twists, twists, and then more twists behind them. I didn’t spot the killer until they were revealed, so Agatha Christie wins this round. This one is the third Agatha Christie I’ve read. The score is one to me, two to her.

It’s also my first Miss Marple book (though the 5th in the series). I fell in love with her character immediately. Hercule Poirot is pretty neat, but he gets on my nerves occasionally. Miss Marple seems a lot more modest. She’s this charming elderly woman who is seriously observant.

The characters seem well rounded. There’s humor. There’s plot. There’s mystery of course. This book is a definite five stars from me. I think this will be one of my fav Agatha Christie books for a long while to come.

For more info on this book go to: here.


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