Book Review Wednesday: Hero – Perry Moore (4 stars)

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Book Reviews

Funny, full of action, drama, and the main character is gay. This is an awesome book.

Here’s the blurb:

The last thing in the world Thom Creed wants is to add to his father’s pain, so he keeps secrets. Like that he has special powers. And that he’s been asked to join the League – the very organization of superheroes that spurned his dad. But the most painful secret of all is one Thom can barely face himself: he’s gay.

But becoming a member of the League opens up a new world to Thom. There, he connects with a misfit group of aspiring heroes, including Scarlett, who can control fire but not her anger; Typhoid Larry, who can make anyone sick with his touch; and Ruth, a wise old broad who can see the future. Like Thom, these heroes have things to hide; but they will have to learn to trust one another when they uncover a deadly conspiracy within the League.

To survive, Thom will face challenges he never imagined. To find happiness, he’ll have to come to terms with his father’s past and discover the kind of hero he really wants to be.  

I really enjoyed this book. It’s set in a world where superheroes are an everyday thing. You’ll be walking along, getting your shopping and a masked villain will go on a rant for some unknown reason, and an equally masked hero will step in to save the day.

The author has clearly thought of the pluses and minuses of a society where that might happen. Superheroes are celebrities, and as celebrities have to worry a lot about appearance. I think some in the league might’ve taken it better if Thom had turned out to be a supervillian rather than gay.

Think about that. It seems implausible, but then look at the marvel movies. All those cis white males. Or DC. Constantine is bi in the comics, but in his TV series they portray him as straight.

On the lighter side this book is great at poking fun. Like the importance of superhero names. Or stupid costumes. And the pointing out strangeness about characters clearly based off of comic book characters.

The characters are great. Thom’s group of friends are wonderfully messed up. It’s great to see them work on their difficulties, and grow confidence in themselves.

There are a couple holes in the plot, the pacing is a little off, and the writing could be better. But it was a fun read. So four stars from me.

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