Ongoing Projects

Planned for 2016 release:

Crystal Wolves books 3 and 4. (paranormal mystery)

Outcasts vs Aliens series. (sci fi romance)

Crystal Wolves:

The Crystal Wolves series is about the heir to a werewolf pack trying to find his place in the human world after he fails to turn. More than that, it’s about the odd friends he picks up along the way, and finding the courage to make a difference even when it seems everyone around you is so much more powerful and together than you.

Book One: Moon Madness (link in published section.)

Book Two: Blood Trail (link in the publish section.)

Book Three: Editing!

Book Four: Writing first draft.

Outcasts vs aliens series (not the final title):

Military sci fi romance. Still in planning. The following (very rough) blurb may change a lot. Be warned!

A disgraced soldier, blamed for the accident that left him paralyzed and killed his best friend along with the rest of his team, searches for a way to reenter the battlefield to complete his friend’s plan to get rid of the invading aliens once and for all.


Short stories:

Still have a backlog of these, so more will be published when I get to them.


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