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This is another short story in the Lunar Chronicles, set before the events of the first book. For my review of the first novel in this series go to:…cinder-5-stars

This is available to read for free! And it’s only 32 pages. So if you’re not sure if you’ll like the world Marissa Meyer created in Cinder, you can read this story first. Neat, huh?

I found the tone a bit darker than the novels. It’s set way back when little Cinder first met her adoptive family. There are so many feels packed into this short story. I’m not sure if it hit me so hard because I read the novel first, so I had that version of the stepmother in my head. I won’t say you have to read it in that order though. I’d imagine reading this first will expand the feels you get reading the novel.

So in the novel the stepmother and the older sister are nasty pieces of work. We get some hints about why they’re so mean toward Cinder but it’s nothing compared to seeing it happen in this story. You see, in this story they start off pretty decent. The stepmother tries, and then things happen that I won’t get into.

It’s so heartbreaking. Cinder is this little girl who can’t remember her past, and all she wants to do is fit in with her new family. Then things happen beyond her control.

If you’ve read the books or are planning on reading the books, then you definitely have to check this story out. It really deepens our insight into the relationship between Cinder and her adoptive family, and it makes her stepmother in particular that much more three dimensional.

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This is a short story set in the Lunar Chronicles series. Here’s the link to my review of the first book:…cinder-5-stars

If you liked Cinder and plan to (or have already) read Scarlet, then you need to read this short. It follows Wolf; a character introduced in Scarlet. You can read this before or after Scarlet, it doesn’t matter.

Wolf was one of my favorite characters in Scarlet. He’s bad-ass, but also sweet. This 18 page story follows him from a kid taken from his parents to right before the events of the second book. It helps expand his character and give us more insight as to what it’s like living under Levana’s rule.

Last I heard this story’s free to read, so go check it out. For more reviews on this book go to: