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Times like these I think about my goals for next year. What do I want to achieve? I’m a OCD level planner, so I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

I want to put a new short story on this website every week in 2014, and then soon after indie publish it. I’ve still got some back log to work with, but pretty soon I’m going to have to write more short stories, a lot more.

I want to write a heck of a lot next year. I’ve got a lot of ongoing projects, and I want to get them done so I can finally push them out of the nest.

Challenges: I love writing challenges! I want to join both nanowrimo camps next year, and of course the big event in November. I also want to try ‘story a day May’ (though I think I’m going to fail it spectacularly). And the 3 day novel challenge in September is calling to me. I find them a lot of fun, and it’ll give me more first drafts to edit, edit, edit.

Reading: I managed 61 books this year. I’m setting my 2014 goodreads challenge for 65 books, and I’m hoping to blow past that goal.

Publishing: otherwise known as: come on, finish editing that novel already.

What about you guys? Any big goals for 2014?