New book release: ‘Fantastical Things.’

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Ryan Hutton unsplash

To be ordinary, or extraordinary?

This isn’t the way Paul thought his life would turn out. Stuck in a failing marriage, walked over by co-workers in a thankless job. He thought he would be extraordinary.

He’s about to find out he’s right.

Fantastical Things is a short fantasy of around 9000 words.


Another short story. Buy it here for $0.99.

I’m slowly putting up my backlog. There’s a lot. This one is one of my favourites. I think everyone has considered leaving their lives behind at some point. I have.

Think about it. One day out of nowhere you find something fantastical. It’s everything sci fi TV told you to expect out of life. It’s this whole other option you thought you didn’t have.

Do you jump on that opportunity with grabby hands? Do you keep to the life you know? What if this is the only chance you get? Is it worth leaving everything behind?

Really enjoyed writing this one. Hope you guys enjoy reading it!


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