New fantasy release ‘Troubles’

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Book Releases
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Payton is having a bad day.

Rejected from yet another job, she sits on the verge of homelessness. Life seems hopeless. Then something unexpected happens.

A chance meeting with a stranger who is determined to turn her bad day into something else. But this mysterious boy keeps secrets.

Her bad day is about to get a whole lot worse.

Troubles is a short paranormal story with a dash of humour.

For the readers of Crystal Wolves, you’ll recognize quite a few characters in this short story. This sits between the events of the first book ‘Moon Madness,’ and the second ‘Blood trail.’ No knowledge of the series is required to enjoy this book. In fact it’s better if you go into this one without reading any of the other stories first.

Here we meet Payton who plays a big role in book two of Crystal Wolves onwards. Pick it up here for only $0.99:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

And for everyone waiting for the next installment of Crystal Wolves, the third book will be out soon! Keep an eye on this website or sign up to my mailing list below to get updates sent to your email.



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