No new short stories for a while

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Free Fiction Friday

I’m in the middle of writing a novel about a teenage girl in an extremely patriarchal society who decides to become a knight, then ends up forming an odd kind of bond with the dragon she sets out to kill. Tentative title is: Damsel Knight.

Or in other words, I’m playing with this great new toy and won’t have time to make any smaller toys for a while. I’m 57 thousand words in and still going strong. Estimating another 30 thousand words, but we’ll see.

That should tie me up for at least another month, and after I’m planning to sit down and write out the next stories in the Crystal Wolves series. I’m leaving the last two short stories up until I decide what to do next. Let me know what you want me to do.  Do you want me to recycle the last ten or so short stories? Or would you prefer to see something different? Insights into the writing process? Something I haven’t thought of yet?

Name away and I’ll consider it.

The reviews will continue to come every Wednesday. I’ve already read enough books to last a good few months yet! And since my goal this year is to read 86 books (one more than my achievement last year), I should have no problem keeping up with that.

I’m also thinking of doing something related to disability and representation of that and other minorities in media and books. Not sure on the details or time-frame yet. Any interest in something like that?

Ok, enough procrastination. Back to writing.


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