Book Review Wednesday: Blood Rites (Dresden Files) (Five Stars)

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Book Reviews
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This one is the sixth book in the series.

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I’m going to assume by this point you know what this series is about. So here’s the blurb for this particular book:

Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, takes on a case as a favor to his friend Thomas-a vampire of dubious integrity-only to become the prime suspect in a series of ghastly murders.

This was one of the better books of the series so far. Five stars. We meet Thomas again who I’ve grown very fond of over the past few books. He’s very centric to this book, and we end up finding out a lot more about him in this one. Thomas is a soul sucking incubus (otherwise known as a vampire of the white court), but he’s quite a nice one and Harry likes him, even if he doesn’t really trust him.

There’s been a series of murders at a film studio. Oh no. So Thomas asks Harry if he can go help. It’s only later that he finds out said film studio is an adult film studio, which is an interesting development. There’s some real bad mojo going on, and each time Harry fails to stop it someone else dies.

But of course that’s not enough peril for our hero, so enter new bad guys : the black court vampires. Now the black court vampires kind of seem like a real creepy mix of vampire and zombie. They remind me of those scary floating guys who grin while they cut peoples hearts out in that Buffy episode where no one speaks. They go around all corpse-like with dry skin peeling off and kill people, and this time they seem to have a plot that involves killing Harry.

This doesn’t come as a big surprise since we met Marva, the leader of the black court vampires in a previous book. And of course Harry did what he does best meeting new (people?), he pissed her off. He’ll never learn.

So, a lot of action in this one, the usual high stakes. We also meet more white court vampires, and learn a big secret concerning Thomas. That one’s pretty neat. I won’t give it away, but it plays a huge part in the next books in the series.

The characters were fleshed out as always, even the more minor ones. The book starts out right in the middle of action, and continues from there. There’s a lot of humor, and a lot of cuteness. Harry gets a new fluffy member of his family, so cue a liberal amount of cute precocious baby animal moments.

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